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KLG Rutland installs new solar power system

Close up of solar panels

We’ve installed a new solar power system on the roof of our Beeston factory and showroom. It is the latest effort in KLG Rutand’s drive to become as sustainable as possible. By installing these new solar panels, we aim to offset some of our carbon footprint and reduce the amount of non-renewable energy that we… Read more »

Autumn garden ideas to make the most of your space all year-round

purple pansies.

Autumn can be a tricky time for British gardens. The rain starts falling, making it harder to get outside. The leaves cover your lawn. Those gorgeous summer flowers close up and lower temperatures mean an evening outside isn’t quite so appealing. But don’t give up on your garden! Autumn is a beautiful season and there… Read more »

How your house & garden can help to improve your mental health

Our homes and gardens are closely tied to our mental health. Whatever their situation, everyone can make small changes to their living space that will promote good health. We all have mental health and will all benefit from looking after it, just like we need to look after our physical health. Most of us spend… Read more »

Conservatory building regulations FAQ

The building regulations that apply to most conservatory projects are minimal. As long as the conservatory meets a handful of simple requirements, you won’t need to worry about the majority of rules that apply to extensions. While the regulations for a conservatory may be simple, KLG Rutland has put together these FAQs to make sure… Read more »