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Innovative solid roof conservatory upgrading for Nottingham and Derby homes

A revolutionary conservatory roofing solution

Is your conservatory too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer?

Then why not enjoy the living space in your conservatory all year round by replacing your existing old technology polycarbonate or glass roof with a fully insulated lightweight solid roof.

Archerlite is an innovative solid-tiled roof system packed full of insulation that in most cases can be placed on top of your existing conservatory frame.

This revolutionary lightweight roofing will provide owners of tired, old and energy-inefficient conservatories with the perfect solution to have an ambient temperature every day of the year – meaning no more seasonal temperature fluctuations!

Why KLG Rutland?

We fully appreciate that any new home improvement purchase has to be carefully thought out. You are not just buying windows, doors, conservatories, fascias and soffits – you are buying a dream

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At KLG Rutland we are proud of our Archerlite tiled roof system because once fitted it will make a significant contribution towards reducing the carbon footprint of your property. It provides the optimum in heat-loss insulation levels to your conservatory and, with a vast noise reduction from rainfall, makes it the ‘sound’ choice when it comes to conservatory roof replacements.

Choice of colours

Archerlite supply two types of roof tile, each is available in a range of different colours. Here’s why our lightweight tiles are the perfect choice:

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