With much of the UK still stuck at home, this period of time has prompted many of us to reflect on our surroundings and start contemplating potential post-lockdown home improvements. The extra time indoors presents an opportunity to plan ahead and think about the changes that would raise your quality of life (and the value of your house!)

As well as looking to the future and pondering your dream extension, there are some small home improvements that you can get on with yourself during the lockdown. DIY home improvement ideas range from quick, inexpensive fixes to full-on projects that get the whole family involved, so there’s plenty for everyone to keep themselves busy with.

Over the course of this post, we’ll look at a wide range of ideas that you can try out now and plans that you can make for the future. Beginning with a focus on DIY projects during the lockdown, we’ll then move on to explore more significant home improvements that you can plan to give yourself something to look forward to.

Aluminium Bifold Doors

DIY home improvement ideas

DIY projects are great for keeping the household occupied and giving everyone common goals to work towards. Whatever your budget, there are small, achievable changes you can make to your home to create a more enjoyable environment to live in. Given that there’s no definite answer as to when things will completely return to normal, now is the time to upgrade your living space.

Cheap (or free) DIY projects

Even inexpensive home improvement projects can have a considerable impact. If it’s needed, giving your rooms a fresh lick of paint is an excellent place to start. Now that some DIY stores are reopening, you’ll be able to buy paint (or use up those old tins you’ve got lying around). Simply repainting a room is rewarding, but there’s also the opportunity to pick out a new shade and revitalise the space.

To achieve an easy minimalist look throughout your home, you could consider tidying up the electrical equipment throughout your home by hiding the cables. Cord cover kits are cheap and easy to use – they’re perfect for tucking away the cables that hang out of the back of your TV or home computer. Should you want to hide away your TV box or games console completely, you could buy an external remote sensor to attach to your TV cabinet.

You can keep you and your family busy for a longer period with more extensive projects such as renovating old items of furniture. Try taking a tired, dilapidated chest of drawers, sand the wood down, then repaint it in a bright pastel shade to add a splash of colour and give your space a shabby chic feel. Reupholstering furniture can also be a really satisfying project that breathes some individuality into your home.

Larger DIY tasks

Investing some money into your DIY home improvement opens up a wealth of new opportunities. Whilst you might not want to replace your furniture altogether until you can visit the full range of stores in person, you can upgrade existing features using only equipment that can be bought online. Vinyl wraps are a popular way of revamping your kitchen units without splashing out on replacements, whilst sinks and countertops can be updated by adding a simple overlay.

To give a staircase an instant facelift, you might want to think about adding your own luxurious carpet runner. Stylish and practical, stair runners are useful for tying together the themes in the upstairs and downstairs of your house whilst reducing the slippiness of wooden stairs. Buying the runner online or at a DIY store also produces a significant cost-saving by comparison to having one installed professionally. 

Post-lockdown home improvements

Once you’ve had enough of creative DIY projects, you can start planning post-lockdown improvements that will revolutionise your experience of being at home and increase the value of the property. Doing your research now will save you time and money in the future.

Now that home improvement companies like KLG Rutland are beginning to reopen, you’ll soon have the opportunity to put your home improvement plans into action. At the time of writing, we are now open for business, with staff prepared to provide consultations and quotations for your project plans!

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Pick your projects wisely

To get the most out of the improvements and add value to your home, it’s vital that you take the time to research the available options. Even if your main priority isn’t to increase the price of your property, it can be satisfying to boost your quality of life and make some money through your renovation work. With this in mind, you should consider projects that add to your house both financially and aesthetically.

If your property has unused loft space, for example, this is an amazing opportunity to push up the value of your property with a loft conversion. The property website, Zoopla, recently published an article suggesting that loft conversions are the most lucrative type of home improvement: on average, installing an additional room in the loft adds £11,020 to a house’s value. Having a new spare room could also be a real bonus once friends and family are allowed to stay over again.

Modern Grey Conservatory

Invest for the long term

When you’re comparing the different options available for your project, it’s really worth thinking about the long term and investing in home improvements that will stand the test of time. Many homeowners opt for the cheapest manufacturer and installer, only to regret their decision in a few years when the signs of poor workmanship begin to show.

This advice applies not only to choosing a home improvement company but also to selecting the components that go into your project. For example, whilst composite doors may be a more expensive option than uPVC when replacing the back door in your home, it’s worth investing in the stronger material for greater security and longevity.

Solid composite door

Whilst the age-old adage that you get what you pay for may not always apply these days, it is certainly the case when it comes to home improvements. Research your project thoroughly, check out all of the possible options, and avoid rash, inexpensive purchases that could cost you money down the line.

Hopefully this blog has provided you with some useful home improvement inspiration. If you’re planning a project with a focus on doors, windows, or conservatories, get in touch with us for a free consultation.