Ways to Soundproof Your Home

Dark grey composite door with white framing

With UK councils reporting a rise in the number of noise complaints during the past few months of lockdown, it’s unsurprising that many homeowners are now searching for ways to soundproof their homes. Cooped up together at home, households have found it difficult to avoid arguing with each other whilst simultaneously being more aware of… Read more »

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Plan Your Post-Lockdown Home Improvements

Modern Grey Conservatory

With much of the UK still stuck at home, this period of time has prompted many of us to reflect on our surroundings and start contemplating potential post-lockdown home improvements. The extra time indoors presents an opportunity to plan ahead and think about the changes that would raise your quality of life (and the value… Read more »

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Hygiene Policy for Working in Homes

At KLG Rutland, we always take hygiene and safety matters with the utmost seriousness. When it comes to working in customers’ homes, the protection of our customers and staff is our top priority. In light of the recent situation with COVID-19, however, we’re stepping up our efforts to ensure that high standards of hygiene are… Read more »

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How long does a conservatory last?

Home → Conservatories → Conservatory FAQs → How long does a conservatory last? With the right care and maintenance, modern uPVC conservatories can last for decades – some last for as long as 25 years! That said, conservatories can easily fall into disrepair in a matter of years if not properly looked after. Regular refurbishment and maintenance is an important… Read more »

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