Reversible Windows in Nottingham & Derby

Reversible windows - the latest exciting, double-glazed development from KLG Rutland.

Offering a safe and stylish option for those difficult-to-access locations

Our reversible windows are a thermally efficient, safe and convenient option for those areas where you can’t easily clean the exterior of your window. With 180 degree rotational abilities, our fully reversible windows can be easily cleaned and maintained from inside of the property.

If you have a conservatory or orangery in your home, and are struggling to clean any windows above, reversible windows are perfect for you. Those windows in hard to reach places don’t have to be neglected any longer when you can clean them from inside your house. If you are on a high floor level, live in a multi storey building or you simply want to be able to clean your windows from inside, then fully reversible windows are the best option for you.

Innovative rotating mechanism

The rotating mechanism of the windows means they’ll never snag on your curtains and blinds as the moving pane is not able to intrude inside the room. Designed by industry experts with a contemporary finish, KLG’s fully reversible uPVC windows are also great for commercial applications. Its chamfered, flat lines lend to its modern aesthetic and stylish appeal.

These windows have one of the slimmest uPVC profile sightlines available and with a flush inner sash on the interior and exterior, you are presented with a really sleek window design that’s safe and convenient too. They also boast a secure locking system that provides homeowners with peace of mind.

Patented features to boost efficiency

This outstanding line of window style also comes with some patented features like the co-extruded bubble gasket, thermal dam and glazing flipper. This eliminates any draught and significantly boosts the thermal efficiency of the windows. They trap pockets of warm air and as such our reversible windows have rightly earned their A+ energy efficiency rating and will help your heating bills come down. They’re also easy to fit with a one-piece drip bar that comes with concealed fixings, protecting your windows from extreme weather conditions.

For a seriously stylish design option, with multiple colour options, check out our range of reversible windows, bringing convenience, style, high security and energy efficiency to our customers in the Nottingham and Derby area.


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10 year warranty on KLG Rutland’s reversible windows

Every KLG Rutland window is covered by a comprehensive 10-year Warranty backed up with the DGCOS insurance guarantee providing you with the secure knowledge that if anything should go wrong you have access to free arbitration from the Ombudsman.

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If you’re looking for reversible windows in Nottingham, KLG Rutland’s Beeston showroom is easy to get to with plenty of space to park. Located on Queens Road, we’re easy to reach whatever direction you’re coming from. Public transport links are also very good, with the University Boulevard tram stop around the corner.


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Our Derbyshire showroom is located on Nottingham Road in Ilkeston and has its own free parking. It is easy to reach from Derby, Nottingham and the M1, with a number of bus stops close by. Visiting one of our showrooms is the perfect way to see our fully reversible windows up close before you make your decision.


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