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Decorative Glass For Windows & Doors In Nottingham & Derby

Add colour, value and individuality to your home through glass decoration.

The very basic coloured glass doors and windows that most glazing suppliers in the UK have traditionally offered might do a job… but they don’t suit everyone, and they certainly don’t allow for individuality!

For many years the only practical colour options for glazed units in doors and windows have been ‘standard issue’ green, red or blue. Our KLG Rutland specialised colour selector at last changes all that! It means that you can now choose from a huge range of 22 colours for a spectrum that will truly reflect your individuality.

At KLG Rutland, we’ve developed an exciting and comprehensive collection of decorative glass designs to accommodate most tastes and budgets in Nottingham and Derby. We’ll even create bespoke designs for individual customer requirements! It all means that we offer quite possibly the largest and most varied range of decorative glass units available in the entire UK.

They all incorporate the very latest developments in decorative glass technology – for example our exclusive Archer crystal clear resin lead designs – and all serve to give your home that subtle splash of colour that really counts in the East Midlands property market.

Why KLG Rutland?

We fully appreciate that any new home improvement purchase has to be carefully thought out. You are not just buying windows, doors, conservatories, fascias and soffits – you are buying a dream

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10 Year Guarantee

Every KLG Rutland window is covered by a comprehensive 10 year Warranty backed up with the DGCOS insurance guarantee providing you with the secure knowledge that if anything should go wrong you have access to free arbitration from the Ombudsman