Noise Reduction Windows in Nottingham & Derby

At KLG Rutland we supply and install high quality noise reduction windows in and around the East Midlands. Our noise reduction windows have specially designed acoustic glass that helps keep unwanted noise at bay.

Enjoy peace and quiet with KLG Rutland’s ‘Tranquility’ noise reducing windows

Keep unwanted noise out of your home by replacing your existing windows with our noise reduction windows. They have been specially designed to reduce the amount of sound entering or escaping from your home, they also add an additional layer of security.

The windows have been designed with a new laminated acoustic glass which has a special polymer layer sandwiched between the panes of glass, specifically engineered to disrupt and absorb sound waves and reduce noise pollution.

Whether you install our Tranquility windows in your bedroom, living room or everywhere in your home, you will notice traffic noise is quietened, shouts from the street become mere whispers and you can sing loudly without worrying about an audience outside.

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Standard A-Rated noise reduction windows

KLG Rutland’s standard A rated windows provide a sound protection level of 31 decibels (dB).

After replacing your existing windows, noise levels can be reduced by 40dB!

With extra glass thickness you can also benefit from better heat proofing meaning lower heating bills as well as a considerable difference to noise.

Tranquillity Noise Reduction Windows

If you require an even higher level of noise reduction – you might live near a busy road, next to a railway line or under a flight path near an airport – you can opt for our Tranquillity range of sound reducing windows.

They offer a superb level of 40dB sound insulation – significantly greater than standard and single pane windows – to give you even more peace and quiet. Not only does the soundproofing reduce external noise, they also help reduce the amount of noise that escapes through your own windows, increasing your privacy.

In addition to its exceptional noise reducing qualities, KLG Rutland’s Tranquillity windows have great thermal performance and are highly secure as the lamination process means the glass is virtually impossible to break, making them safer, too.

Soundproof Windows

These windows are also known as soundproof windows. No windows can even be fully soundproof, but our noise reduction windows go a long way to achieving this and can provide Nottingham and Derby homeowners with the peace of mind and sound they’ve always craved.

Noise pollution continues to rise year on year so more homeowners are turning to these soundproof windows to keep that noise out. Traffic noise can be the bane of homes on busy, noisy streets, while nearby train lines and jet engines really do get on people’s nerves as noise levels and vibrations intrude into their home. Taking the noise of an aeroplane down to that of a regular conversation through soundproof windows could be the best decision you ever make.

Acoustic Vents

To achieve building regulations on properties in noisy locations acoustic window trickle vents are the answer.

Ask about our high-performing acoustic trickle vents for windows that help block out noise but let fresh air in to create a comfortable, well-ventilated environment that also helps combat condensation. Giving you the ultimate tranquillity window.

When and where to use noise reduction windows

You might not need noise reduction windows in every room in your home. When deciding where to use noise reduction windows it is important to think about the layout of your home, which direction your rooms face and how you use each room.

For example, you may want to install our Tranquillity noise reducing windows in your bedrooms if you live on a noisy road to help get a good night’s sleep, and in your front room to stop noise disturbing your favourite show or music. Whereas, you may opt for standard windows in your kitchen so you can still hear the birds singing.

Why KLG Rutland?

We understand that any new home improvement purchase has to be carefully thought out. At KLG Rutland you are not just buying windows – you are buying high quality, specially designed windows - capable of reducing sounds of a noisy street to as quiet as a library.

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10 year guarantee on our Tranquillity noise reduction windows

Every KLG Rutland window is covered by a comprehensive 10-year Warranty backed up with the DGCOS insurance guarantee providing you with the secure knowledge that in the unlikely event that anything should go wrong you have access to free arbitration from the Ombudsman.

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Visiting one of our showrooms is the perfect way to see our windows up close before you make your decision. Our friendly team can help you find the perfect windows for your needs and requirements.

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If you’re looking for noise reduction windows in Nottingham, KLG Rutland’s Beeston showroom is easy to get to with plenty of space to park. Located on Queens Road, we’re easy to reach whatever direction you’re coming from. Public transport links are also very good, with the University Boulevard tram stop around the corner.


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If you’re looking for noise reduction windows in Derby, our Derbyshire showroom is located on Nottingham Road in Ilkeston. With its own free parking, it is easy to reach from Derby, Nottingham and the M1, with a number of bus stops close by.


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Noise Reduction Windows FAQs

Noise reduction windows work by using specifically designed acoustic glass that helps reduce the amount of noise that is passed through the glass and window. Acoustic glass is made up of two or more glass sheets bonded together using acoustic interlayers, this combination helps disrupt the sound waves travelling through the glass which helps dampen and quieten the sound.

Noise reduction windows are very effective at reducing outside noise, however they do not guarantee total soundproofing. Unlike standard double or triple glazed windows, acoustic glass is specially designed to reflect, absorb and dampen soundwaves. At KLG Rutland, our standard A rated windows provide a sound protection level of 31 decibels, but if you’re looking for higher levels of sound reduction, then our Tranquillity range provides 40dB of sound insulation.

Specifically designed noise reduction windows use acoustic glass which reflects, absorbs and dampens soundwaves resulting in sound reduction.

Triple glazing may help reduce noise due to the additional layers sound has to travel through. However sometimes these extra layers can create an echo chamber which can increase the noise inside your home.

Triple glazing is best used when you are looking to improve thermal efficiency and noise reduction windows are best when wanting to reduce external noise.

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