Deciding to replace windows in your home is a significant investment influenced by a multitude of factors, making each project unique.

At KLG Rutland, we recognise that each home has different requirements and aesthetic goals, which is why we provide bespoke windows tailored to your specific needs, rather than offering a one-size-fits-all price list.

Understanding the Variables in Window Replacement Costs

The cost of new windows can vary greatly depending on several factors such as the material, size, style and the number of windows being replaced.

Generally, prices for new windows in 2023-2024 ranged from £600 to £3,600 per window.

Popular Window Styles and Their Costs

Here are some average costs for new windows in the UK based on the type of window purchased:

  • Casement uPVC Windows: These are the most economical and traditional choice, costing between £600 and £1,800.
  • Sash Windows: Often found in period properties, sash windows are about 50% more expensive than casement windows due to their aesthetic appeal and maintenance needs.
  • Tilt and Turn Windows: Offering excellent ventilation and security, these cost about 25% more than casement windows.
  • Bay Windows: Extending out from the wall, bay windows are the most costly, requiring potentially more structural work and possibly planning permission. Bay windows are often double the price of casement windows.

Window Material Choices and Their Impact on Pricing

Your choice of material for your new windows also has an effect on their price, with uPVC a popular choice due to their excellent value-for-money and functionality.

  • uPVC: Known for its thermal efficiency and low maintenance, uPVC is the most economical choice, priced between £600 to £1,800.
  • Aluminium: Valued for its durability and sleek, contemporary look, aluminium frames cost about 25% more than uPVC.
  • Timber: Ideal for period properties or those in conservation areas, timber frames are about 50% more expensive than uPVC due to their classic beauty and the craftsmanship involved.

Additional Costs to Consider When Buying New Windows

When budgeting for new windows, it’s crucial to consider all potential costs:

  • Installation charges (scaffolding may be needed for high windows)
  • Whether planning permission is required. View our ‘do you need planning permission for new windows’ guide for help
  • The cost of potential structural changes due to non-standard window sizes or shapes.
  • The quality of materials (cheap uPVC bought from non-reputable online retailers may warp, increasing long-term costs)

Why Off-the-Shelf Online Prices Can Be Misleading

Off-the-shelf windows might seem economical but often don’t account for varied house designs, leading to potential issues with fit, which could result in additional costs for adjustments like excessive use of expanding foam, which can cause issues like damp and drafts..

What To Look For In A Quote For New Windows

A thorough quote should include everything from the survey of your property to installation and disposal of old windows. Ensure the quote is transparent, covering all aspects like the type of glass, frame materials, and any additional fees to avoid unexpected costs during installation.

Replacement windows quote should include all of the following:

  • Property survey
  • Size, style and colour of the frame
  • Window frame materials
  • Glass type
  • Glass energy rating
  • Included window handles and fittings
  • Window sills
  • Full installation costs and time frames
  • Disposal of your old windows in accordance with legislation

Final Thoughts

Replacing windows is more than just an aesthetic upgrade; it’s an investment in your home’s comfort and value.

It’s essential to get a comprehensive understanding of the costs involved and choose quality materials and skilled installation to ensure that your new windows last and perform as expected.

Always ensure that your installer is certified with a competent person scheme to comply with building regulations effortlessly.
Be sure to get in contact with the expert team at KLG Rutland for a quote for new windows.