The UK has long been captivated by home improvement TV shows, turning many of us into armchair experts on everything from simple DIY projects to major renovations. These shows not only provide endless entertainment but also inspire viewers to tackle their own home transformations. 

Whether it’s the thrill of the before-and-after reveal or the drama of renovation challenges, British TV has harnessed the allure of the makeover to great effect. Many shows demonstrate the benefits of home improvements like new windows, doors and conservatories, leading Brits to consider adding them to their homes.

Here’s a roundup of the most influential and beloved home improvement shows from the past 25 years, each offering a unique take on the art of transforming spaces.

The Trailblazers in Home Improvement TV

Changing Rooms (1996 – 2004, BBC One; 2021 – Present, Channel 4)

As one of the pioneers, Changing Rooms initially hit our screens in 1996 and made a comeback in 2021 on Channel 4. It became famous for its format where homeowners swapped houses to redecorate one room, often leading to dramatic reactions and memorable TV moments due to clashes in taste.

The show’s mix of creativity, surprise transformations, and dynamic personalities like Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, made it a foundational show in home improvement television.

Popular and Enduring Favourites in Home Improvement TV

Grand Designs (1999 – Present, Channel 4)

Hosted by Kevin McCloud, this show has become synonymous with ambitious architectural projects. Each episode tracks the construction of extraordinary homes, which often push the boundaries of design and engineering.

Grand Designs has captivated audiences with its detailed look at the building process and the personal journeys of those building their dream homes. Often, the extremely grand designs go way over the already high budgets, which is all part of the fun.

DIY SOS (1999 – 2010) and DIY SOS: The Big Build (2010 – Present)

Originally focusing on rescuing DIY disasters, DIY SOS evolved into The Big Build, taking on larger, community-focused projects. Hosted by Nick Knowles, the show pulls together professionals and volunteers to transform homes for families in need, emphasising the power of community and good design.

A sister show, ‘Garden SOS’, launched in 2003 but only ran for one series, but the charm and inspiration of DIY SOS (and Big Build) continues to captivate audiences today.

Homes Under the Hammer (2003 – Present, BBC One)

This show has tapped into the excitement of property auctions, following the ups and downs of buying and renovating properties. It’s a hit with those who dream of uncovering a hidden gem and turning a profit from their property prowess.

Great personalities like Martin Roberts and Dion Dublin feature, with the latter’s over-use of the phrase ‘stairs going up to the bedrooms’ has become an internet meme and catchphrase.

Love Your Home And Garden (2017 – 2019, ITV1)

We couldn’t offer a list of home improvements TV shows and not include the one we feature on! Back in 2018, KLG Rutland was proud to feature on Love Your Home and Garden, presented by Alan Titchmarsh.

As part of an amazing home renovation project, focussed on enhancing outdoor space, KLG Rutland supplied a stunning modern lean-to conservatory which helped in truly transforming a home. You can watch the episode and see our finished conservatory at 41.04.

Niche and Novel Approaches to Home Improvement TV

George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces (2012 – Present, Channel 4)

This series celebrates the imaginative use of small spaces. Architect George Clarke showcases how constraints can actually enhance creativity, featuring everything from treehouses to converted buses. His enthusiasm for innovative design shines through in every episode.

Escape to the Country (2002 – Present, BBC One)

For those dreaming of a quieter life, this show is a perfect escape. It helps potential buyers find their ideal home in the countryside, offering glimpses into rural life and the unique properties that dot the British landscape.

If you’re into period cottages and unique properties, Escape To The Country is the show for you. It can offer great home decor inspiration to those with traditional properties.

Escape to the Chateau (2016 – Present, Channel 4)

Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree tackle the monumental task of renovating Château de la Motte-Husson. This series blends DIY with drama and romance, capturing the trials and triumphs of chateau life.

The transformation of an old dilapidated property back to its former glory is the real appeal of the show which has gained international audiences.

Competitive Home Improvement Design TV Shows

Interior Design Masters (2019 – Present, BBC Two)

Hosted by comedian Alan Carr, this competition pits up-and-coming designers against each other in a series of design challenges. The show is as much about the tension and drama as it is about stunning design reveals.

Your Home Made Perfect (2019 – Present, BBC Two)

Angela Scanlon presents this innovative series that uses virtual reality to help homeowners reimagine their spaces. It’s a modern twist on the home improvement genre, allowing viewers to see the potential of design technology in real-time.

This display of incredible technology has led many homeowners to turn to AI and virtual reality tech design companies to transform their own homes.

TV Shows – The Heart of Home Improvement

From the comfort of our living rooms, these shows have taught us not only the value of good design but also the importance of making our living spaces a true reflection of ourselves. They inspire, entertain, and educate, making them an enduring part of British pop culture.

Whether you’re a seasoned DIY-er or just starting to explore the world of home renovation, there’s no shortage of shows to spark your creativity and drive your next project.