The front door is often the first thing guests notice about your home, making it an essential element in creating a lasting first impression. It should reflect your unique style and personality, offering a glimpse into your tastes.

Choosing the right colour for your front door can significantly impact the impression it leaves on visitors and enhance your home’s curb appeal. Do you prefer a sleek, minimalist look with shades like white, black, or grey? Or perhaps you’d like to make a bold statement with vibrant reds, greens, or blues?

If you’re uncertain about the ideal colour for your exterior door, KLG Rutland has crafted a guide featuring the must-have front door colours for 2024 and beyond. Dive in and discover the perfect hue for your front door today!

What Are The Most Popular Front Door Colours For 2024?

With modern interior and exterior design trends leaning towards white and black exteriors and grey interiors, the most popular front door colours have followed suit.

Classic black currently reigns as the most popular front door colour, with grey in various shades following closely behind. However, many homeowners are opting for bold colours to stand out from the crowd, making rich reds, deep greens, and royal blues popular choices in 2024.

Additionally, pink front doors are becoming increasingly trendy in 2024, offering a playful, vibrant way to showcase the fun, positive, and stylish personality of those living inside.

Contemporary Front Door Colours

If you’re after contemporary front door colours, then composite front doors are the way to go, available in a range of designs and with fittings to suit your needs. At KLG Rutland, we specialise in the latest generation of composite doors, which offer heightened security, improved thermal efficiency and better durability compared to traditional wooden doors.

The most contemporary front door colours available are:

  • Anthracite Grey
  • Black
  • Forest Green
  • Dark Blue
  • Chartwell Sage Green
  • Rich Red
  • Rosewood Brown
  • Gold Oak Brown
  • Classic White

How To Pick A Front Door Colour

So we’ve told you what the most popular front door colours in 2024 are, but how do you pick the front door colour that is perfect for YOU? After all, the most popular colour may not be the one that suits your home and personality. What’s right for one person isn’t always right for another.

We have put together a little guide on how to choose the ideal front door colour for you.

  • Consider your brick colour. Selecting a front door colour that complements your brickwork while making a distinct impression is crucial. Ideally, it should offer a striking contrast that enhances your home’s appearance. For instance, if your house is painted white, a white front door may blend in too much, failing to create visual interest. Likewise, choosing a colour like yellow or lime green for a home with deep red brickwork may result in an unappealing clash of tones.
  • What colour is your interior? Your front door serves as a key transition point between the interior and exterior, and its aesthetics should reflect this role. When choosing the colour of your front door, consider the dominant hues of your home’s decor, particularly in the room the door opens into. For instance, a sophisticated grey front door that opens into a primarily grey lounge, porch, or reception area creates a cohesive and inviting entrance for guests. The same principle applies to other colours, ensuring that the door complements the interior for a harmonious first impression.
  • Showcase your personality. The best front door colours are those that showcase the occupant’s personality, reflecting their personal style. The right colour should convey your unique taste, making it unmistakably your door to every family member, friend, or visitor. If you love bright colours, then a door in red, pink, orange, or yellow is ideal. For those who prefer a more minimalist aesthetic, a classic colour like black, white, or grey offers a timeless choice.
  • What is the property’s architectural style? When choosing the perfect front door colour, it’s essential to consider whether your property is a modern new-build or a traditional home. Many new-build homeowners prefer slate grey and charcoal black front doors, which complement their contemporary design. In contrast, owners of period homes often opt for softer greens, blues, and other subtle tones that harmonise with their property’s classic look and feel.

What Colour Door Goes With Dark Brown or Rosewood Windows?

A number of front door colours go well with dark brown windows. A popular choice is sage or olive green, which combines with the brown window frames to create an ‘earthy’ aesthetic that is in keeping with rural communities and ideal for nature-lovers. Another good choice would be a blue front door to go along with brown windows, creating a calming and inviting atmosphere, boosting your home’s curb appeal.

Of course, you could also choose a brown front door to fully stay in keeping with your brown windows and complete the design of your home’s entrance.

What Colour Door Goes With Anthracite Grey Windows?

Anthracite grey windows are an eye catching addition to a home’s exterior which many owners of modern properties are choosing, but what colour front door goes with grey windows?

If you want to keep it simple, then black, white or even anthracite grey itself are great choices as external doors to suit grey windows. They’re timeless colours that somehow manage to create an ultra-modern look for a property.

On the other hand, if you want to make a huge impact with your front door colour, bright colours can really brighten up the darker exterior created by grey window frames. Consider green, blue or even red as the right tone for your front door if it’s a bold look you’re after.

What Colour Door Goes With Oak Windows?

Traditional wooden oak windows or oak-coloured uPVC windows offer warmth and a welcoming touch to the exterior of a property and it’s pretty easy to choose which colour door will go well with them.

As oak is a neutral colour, you can choose almost any colour front door and it’ll look great. That said, front door colours in high demand for homes with oak windows include brown, light green and dark red, all of which will fully complement the delightful oak colour of your windows and create enhanced curb appeal.

What Colour Door Goes With Red Brick Houses?

As mentioned above, the colour of your brickwork can affect which colour door is right for your home. There’s not just one shade of red brickwork common in the UK though, your house could be everything from light to deep dark red, which means there’s not a ‘one size fits all’ solution.

That said, if you consider the colour wheel, then a dark blue front door is the best front door colour for a red brick house as the orangery hue of red bricks is complemented by deep blue on the other side of the colour wheel.

Other door ideas that are suitable for red brick properties are secondary colours like green, purple and orange, alongside red itself for those who want to be bold in their colour choice.

Composite Front Doors at KLG Rutland

Composite front doors in a range of colours, designs and fittings are one of our real specialities here at KLG Rutland, offering all homeowners the chance to find the perfect front door for their home. A new composite door not only creates excellent curb appeal, but also improves the security and thermal efficiency of your home.

Use Our Door Designer Tool To Pick Your Front Door Colour

What’s more, we have created an amazing online Door Designer, which allows you to design the perfect door for your property right here on our website, offering a choice of glass design, colour, handle, knocker and letterbox.