With Spring just around the corner and the heady scent of home improvement in the air, just imagine what a lovely KLG Rutland conservatory could do for your house and garden!

Not only will a conservatory in Nottingham give you valuable extra living space, it’ll also help you to harvest more enjoyment from your garden, together with the huge plus of adding significant value to your home.

The brilliant thing about modern conservatories is that they now offer so many design and style options… and planning exactly what you want is all part of the fun. You’ll also have to consider other things, like how you want to heat your conservatory, what sort of flooring you’d prefer, whether or not to have blinds, and how to furnish it. It’s as good as looking forward to a holiday!

Warming to the task…

First of all, you’ll need to think about heating. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee perfect summers, and it’d be a shame to waste all that space through the winter (a cosy Nottingham conservatory on a frosty morning is truly a thing of beauty, by the way). And in the absence of warm sunshine there are several ways of heating a conservatory which, ideally, should be kept separate from your main domestic system.

Underfloor heating, whether electric or from water pipes, is both luxurious and a great way of maximising space. Or you could opt for electric panel heaters, and even wall-mounted wet radiators. We’ve some great glazing products that provide additional temperature comfort too: these utilise special coatings, and gasses within the sealed units, to give extra insulation. It all helps keep things warmer in winter and, of course, cooler in summer.

Because furnishings in a Nottingham conservatory are exposed to so much all-year-round sunlight, fading is almost inevitable without the protection of decent blinds. They also provide privacy when required, and help maintain an even temperature throughout the year. To be sure that they’re properly supported, it’s always advisable to have your blinds made and fitted by an expert. If you really wanted to splash out, KLG Rutland can provide fabulously convenient, superbly controllable blinds fitted inside your glazed units. The ultimate choice, but it does come at a premium!

What’s afoot?

People sometimes forget just how important it is to have a practical, hard-wearing floor: after all, you’re likely to be traipsing in and out from the garden quite a bit! For elegance you could choose real wood flooring, or laminate. You might prefer the traditional, softer feel of carpet. Or the clean, modern look of ceramic tiles or natural stone. Just let us know at the ordering stage and we’ll make sure you get a floor that suits you down to the ground…

Open to ideas…

At KLG Rutland, we offer a great selection of conservatory doors, the latest being our exciting flush-sash French doors. These cleverly combine the authenticity and elegance of the traditional timber look with the very latest thermal benefits. Double-glazed and internally beaded with the flush finish on external faces, they’re available in a wide choice of colours, finishes, openings, hardware and glazing. So keep your options open!

Is DIY a realistic option?
As with most home improvements, it can be. But in reality, unless you’ve the time and experience to manage and oversee all the building work, we’d advise most people to let an established, specialist conservatory company such as KLG Rutland shoulder the workload and responsibility!  A DIY conservatory might well seem less expensive at the start, but the costs of preparing the site and carrying out the installation work can soon mount up – especially if you run into unexpected problems.

The finishing touches

Given that your garden is going to be so much more in focus from the conservatory, remember not to overlook the little details that can really make your home improvement project sparkle. Excavation and building work inevitably make a bit of a mess – this will need making good. And how about some well thought-out garden lighting for the perfect finishing touch?

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