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Do you need planning permission for an orangery?

Building an orangery is a rewarding investment of time and money. Not only will an orangery provide a home with extra living space, it will also add value to the property if done correctly. The most common question people ask is whether building an orangery requires planning permission. The answer to this question depends on… Read more »

What is a sash window?

Sash windows are designed to have movable panels, or sashes, that open vertically or horizontally. They are characteristic of Georgian, Victorian and sometimes Edwardian properties and are well known for their distinctive aesthetic and traditional charm. Unlike casement windows, which open on a hinge, sash windows open by sliding the panels up and down. Traditional… Read more »

What is an orangery?

An orangery is a brick structure with large glass windows and a solid flat roof. Orangeries are typically constructed with brick walls to retain heat throughout the year and a glazed glass lantern in the middle of the roof to allow light in.  Orangeries are often confused with conservatories given their similar builds. However, there… Read more »

Do you need planning permission for a conservatory?

Home → Conservatories → Conservatory FAQs → Planning permission for conservatories Planning permission for a conservatory may not be needed in many circumstances. If you meet certain conditions, you will not need to apply for planning permission like you would for many other types of extension. In this article, we’ll cover the various situations in which planning permission may be… Read more »