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How Much Do Replacement Windows Cost?


Deciding to replace windows in your home is a significant investment influenced by a multitude of factors, making each project unique. At KLG Rutland, we recognise that each home has different requirements and aesthetic goals, which is why we provide bespoke windows tailored to your specific needs, rather than offering a one-size-fits-all price list. Understanding… Read more »

The ‘Must Have’ Best Front Door Colours 2024

The front door is often the first thing guests notice about your home, making it an essential element in creating a lasting first impression. It should reflect your unique style and personality, offering a glimpse into your tastes. Choosing the right colour for your front door can significantly impact the impression it leaves on visitors… Read more »

The Best Home Improvement TV Shows in the UK

A woman smiles as she watches TV.

The UK has long been captivated by home improvement TV shows, turning many of us into armchair experts on everything from simple DIY projects to major renovations. These shows not only provide endless entertainment but also inspire viewers to tackle their own home transformations.  Whether it’s the thrill of the before-and-after reveal or the drama… Read more »

How To Soundproof A Room At Home

A couple struggling with outside noise at home. They need tips on soundproofing their home.

Dealing with noise in your home, whether it’s from traffic or noisy neighbours, can be a significant concern. In England alone, there’s a complaint about noisy neighbours for every 160 people, and 20% of the population live in areas with harmful traffic noise levels. If you’re among those affected, you’ll appreciate knowing how to soundproof… Read more »