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Frequently Asked Questions About Windows

Home → Windows → Windows FAQs 1. What different types of windows are there? There are many different types of windows and they can be differentiated by both the glazing and the design. KLG Rutland offers both Nottingham manufactured double glazing windows and triple glazing windows, with a number of different styles available: Casement windows Flush sash windows Sliding… Read more »

A Guide To Underfloor Heating In Conservatories

Looking into a house as the sun goes down. Lights inside duplicate sky lights behind. Warm glow of home.

Once you’ve made the exciting decision to improve your Nottingham home with a conservatory, you can eagerly anticipate all that lovely light and extra quality living space. However, to make the most of it all year round, you’ll need to factor in a way to keep it warm enough in the colder months. Our glazing might… Read more »