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How Much Do Double Glazed Windows Cost?

Home → Windows → Windows FAQs → How much do double-glazed windows cost? How long is a piece of string? Your best place to start when trying to establish a ball-park cost for double-glazed replacement windows from KLG Rutland is with the basics: one white, double-glazed casement window with a single opener and chrome handles. Variations from this all add to the price as… Read more »

Can You Paint uPVC Windows?

Home → Windows → Windows FAQs → Can you paint uPVC windows? uPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVCu) is a material commonly used for replacement windows and fixtures. It is lightweight, strong and easy to maintain, which makes it such a popular choice. However, although uPVC can be manufactured in different colours, you might fancy a change without installing new… Read more »

Different Types Of Windows

Home → Windows → Windows FAQs → What different types of windows are there? There are many different types of windows, distinguished from one another by their functional design and the number of glass panes used in their glazing. Different types of windows suit different houses, with some working well in older, period properties, while others give homes a more modern… Read more »

How Windows Can Reduce Noise From Outside

Home → Windows → Windows FAQs → How do windows reduce noise? Noise is a constant annoyance for many people living in crowded locations, near a busy road or under a commercial flight path. Whether you’re experiencing low-level background noise that’s disrupting your sleep or occasional bursts of loud noises, you’ll benefit from windows with good noise reduction capabilities. All windows reduce… Read more »