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How long is a piece of string?

Your best place to start when trying to establish a ball-park cost for double-glazed replacement windows from KLG Rutland is with the basics: one white, double-glazed casement window with a single opener and chrome handles. Variations from this all add to the price as they cost extra to produce and, at KLG Rutland, we do offer an amazing variety of options to suit your personal taste:

  • Additional openers add cost.
  • ‘Tilt and turn’ capability for openers, which allows for easy cleaning, flexible ventilation and improved fire egress.
  • Additional transoms (horizontal bars) and mullions (vertical bars), which divide the sash into smaller panes.
  • Style. Slimmer profile flush sash windows cost more than casement windows.
  • Colour. Anything other than white will cost 25-30% more. KLG Rutland choices range from Chartwell Green, through cream, grey, silver and black to Golden or Irish Oak and Rosewood.
  • Window and door furniture. Upgrades to, for example, ‘monkey tail’ handles or graphite letterboxes. Or fabulous integral adjustable blinds within the glazing unit.
  • Glazing. Decorative colours for a ‘stained glass’ effect – KLG Rutland offers a comprehensive collection of designs utilising a remarkable 22 colours. Also a bespoke design service to replicate a design of your own preference.
  • Triple glazing, as opposed to double, will add substantially to cost, too.

Then you simply multiply all of that by the total number of windows you want.

two images of a house with a full set of newly installed double glazed windows