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A Guide To Keeping Your External Doors Safe and Secure

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Home → Doors → Doors FAQs → How do I keep my external doors secure? If you want to keep your home safe, it’s important that you don’t compromise the security of your external doors. The materials that the doors are made from, the locking mechanism and your own habits all have a role to play in keeping your external doors secure…. Read more »

Should You Paint Your External Doors?

Home → Doors → Doors FAQs → Can you paint external doors? You can paint some external doors, but the majority of newer installations shouldn’t be painted. This is because most modern external doors are made from uPVC or composite materials, which paint doesn’t stick to easily. If you’re not happy with the appearance of your external doors, we recommend replacing them… Read more »

Bi-Fold Doors vs Sliding Doors – Which Is Best For You?

Home → Doors → Doors FAQs → Bi-fold doors vs sliding doors Bi-fold doors and sliding doors are popular options for homeowners who want to bridge the space between their houses and gardens. Both doors are similar in that they let in a lot of light and open in a space-saving, non-intrusive way. Why choose bi-fold doors? The main advantage to bi-fold… Read more »

French Doors vs Patio Doors – Which Is Best For You?

Home → Doors → Doors FAQs → French doors vs sliding patio doors Patio doors make a big difference to the appearance of a house and the feel of a garden, but it can be tricky to choose the right type for your home. The decision can be made even more difficult by the apparent similarity between two of the most common… Read more »