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Bi-fold doors and sliding doors are popular options for homeowners who want to bridge the space between their houses and gardens. Both doors are similar in that they let in a lot of light and open in a space-saving, non-intrusive way.

Why choose bi-fold doors?

The main advantage to bi-fold doors when compared to sliding doors is their flexibility. Because bi-fold doors always fold in a concertina-like fashion – no matter how big they are – they can be any length from two to seven panels. They can also be made so that a single door covers the entire width of your house’s opening or made so that two doors meet and lock in the middle.

This flexibility allows homeowners who choose bi-fold doors a lot of control over the how the doors fit into their home. They can leave plenty of space for windows along the same wall, or they can make a long bi-fold door the main feature.

No other patio door can make a house as open as a bi-fold door can. When they’re folded out of the way, the only space they take up is the width of the doors folded against one another. The rest of the aperture is completely open to the outdoors. If you want to feel like your house and garden are seamlessly flowing together, a bi-fold door is perfect.



Why choose sliding patio doors?

Sliding patio doors have been a popular choice for decades. Like bi-folds, they let in a lot of light and don’t need to swing outwards onto the patio when they’re opened. Many people are attracted to their clean appearance that lets the large panes of glass take centre stage. They are one of the most elegant patio door designs, giving homes a clean and modern appearance.

A distinctive feature of KLG Rutland’s sliding patio doors is their ‘air glide’ functionality. This means that they open more smoothly and easily than the heavy patio doors of the past. This feature turns sliding doors from one of the most awkward types of patio doors to one of the most convenient, even rivalling simple french doors.


Bi-folds or sliding doors?

This question ultimately comes down to personal preference. Which type can you imagine fitting into your home? The best way to make a decision is to continue researching online and in person. If you come and visit us at our showrooms in Beeston and Ilkeston, we’ll be happy to show you your options and discuss the decision further.