We’ve almost completed renovations of the historic Humber works in Beeston. The development of this site has been ongoing for a long time, and is set to introduce new life to the heart of Nottinghamshire’s industrial heritage.  

The history of the Humber works 

Thomas Humber, a pioneering British engineer, founded his bicycle manufacturing business in 1878 and built the Humber works to scale his production rapidly. In 1887, Humber sold the business to a group of investors under the name Humber & Co Limited and the company eventually became a leading British manufacturer of motorcycles and first series-production cars.

What it means for KLG Rutland… 

The purchase and development of the Humber works has created 4,700 sq. ft. of additional storage and warehousing space for our day to day operations. The remainder of the building is being refurbished for general industrial usage including glass processing for our sister company, KLG Glass.

The redevelopment of the Humber works comes at a time of incredible growth for us. Alongside these renovations, we’ve also invested £200,000 in a new state-of-the-art plant and machinery to improve production capacity and quality. This amazing growth has created 5 new jobs within the company in the past 12 months.

Terry Hill, managing director of KLG Rutland, shared just how proud he is of being involved in such a historical project: ‘For a manufacturing and installation business like ours to renovate a piece of local industrial history is just amazing. Being a manufacturer ourselves we recognised these sites are often demolished and used for housing, something that we didn’t want to use the historic building for.’

To find out how KLG Rutland could make a difference in your home or the local community, please get in touch. Visit our showrooms at The Mill, Queens Road East in Beeston or Rutland House, Nottingham Road in Ilkeston. You’ll find all the numbers, addresses and opening times on our contact us page.