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With the right care and maintenance, modern uPVC conservatories can last for decades – some last for as long as 25 years! That said, conservatories can easily fall into disrepair in a matter of years if not properly looked after. Regular refurbishment and maintenance is an important part of owning a conservatory.

Conservatory refurbishment

Refurbishing and maintaining your conservatory when required will increase its longevity, improve its appearance, and even facilitate better climate control. Old conservatories are at risk of becoming drafty, causing heat loss that will affect your heating bills as much as your enjoyment of the space. Making use of KLG Rutland’s competitively priced conservatory refurbishment service could save you a lot of money.

Some conservatories are discarded simply because of their style. Certain types of conservatory are only in fashion for a short period of time; equally, some owners choose to get rid of conservatories because their tastes have changed. This doesn’t necessarily mean that a full replacement is required – there are plenty of ways to refresh your conservatory through refurbishment or repair.

Conservatories can be revitalised simply by replacing old components with stronger, modern materials and technology. For example, many people choose to replace the tired, old ceiling of their conservatory with a modern tiled roof. You’d be surprised by the effect that partial refurbishment can have, both in terms of increasing the lifespan of the conservatory and reducing the need for heating.

Repairing or refurbishing your conservatory is also a much more eco-friendly option than just replacing it. KLG Rutland strives for sustainability, both in manufacturing and refurbishment: in addition to recycling over 90% of its manufacturing waste, the company recycles as many materials as possible when renovating conservatories.