Cleaning a conservatory roof is a tricky yet necessary task. Whether your conservatory is made of polycarbonate or glass, stains from water and leaves can really ruin the aesthetic. Marks on your conservatory roof can also prevent you from looking out and stop light coming in, hindering your experience of the room.

With the right tools and techniques for the job, however, you can restore the look of your conservatory and regain clear views of the outside. We’ll take a look at the equipment that you’ll need to clean your conservatory first, then run through the stages involved step by step.

What equipment is best to clean a conservatory roof?

To clean a conservatory roof, you’ll need:

  • A long (or telescopic) cleaner with a non-abrasive brush and a squeegee attachment
  • A ladder that can reach up to your conservatory roof
  • Cleaning fluid for the frame (or an appropriate cleaner if your frame is made of a different material).
  • Conservatory cleaning solution
  • A bucket
  • A cloth

Cleaning your conservatory roof

To clean your conservatory roof, follow these steps closely:

  1. Prepare the cleaning solution for the roof surface

First off, you need to prepare the solution that you’ll use to clean the polycarbonate or glass surface of the roof. Most cleaning products will need mixing with lukewarm water in a bucket – follow the instructions on the packaging closely for this step.

  1. Assemble your telescopic cleaner

The next stage is to get your telescopic cleaner ready. Attach the brush and the squeegee, following the instructions on the packet.

  1. Clean the windows

Before you clean the roof, you might want to start with the outsides of the windows. Wet the brush attachment of your cleaner in the lukewarm cleaning solution and begin to buff the windows using a circular motion. To avoid causing damage, don’t press too hard.

  1. Remove the residue from the windows

When you’ve cleaned an area of the windows with the brush, use the squeegee attachment to remove the foamy residue. Repeat steps three and four around the conservatory windows until you’re satisfied that they’re clean.

  1. Clean the conservatory roof

Now it’s time to move on to the conservatory roof itself. If your telescopic cleaner isn’t long enough to reach, then carefully climb your ladder and get yourself in a suitable position. You’ll use the same approach as with the windows, brushing in circular motions and then cleaning off the foam with the squeegee attachment.

  1. Refill your cleaning solution

Your cleaning solution will get full of dirt throughout steps three to five. Empty it out and refill it with lukewarm water, making up the cleaning solution as in step one.

  1. Clean the frame

Once you’ve cleaned the windows and roof, finish off the job by cleaning the frame of your conservatory. If your windows are uPVC, mix up your cleaning solution as per the instructions (other materials may require special solutions or simply soapy water). Buff up the frame of your conservatory and wash the excess foam off with water.

Specialised conservatory glass

If all of this cleaning sounds like quite a lot of work to you, then you might want to consider conservatory glass that helps to keep itself clean. An amazing time-saving innovation, this type of glass helps to clean itself using a unique, permanent coating. As sunlight hits your conservatory, the energy is used to break down organic deposits (such as dirt). Rainwater then washes the residue away over time.

Of course, this new technology doesn’t completely eliminate the need for cleaning. It helps to keep your conservatory clean for the most part, which is particularly helpful during the winter months when spending too long outside would be miserable! Some conventional cleaning sessions will still be required, but much less often. Additionally, this technology doesn’t clean the inside of the glass – you’ll still need to do this yourself.

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