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Try the following steps to keep your conservatory warm during the colder months:

1. Insulate your conservatory roof

Particularly for polycarbonate conservatories, a lot of heat is lost through the roof in winter. You can add insulation to prevent this heat loss by replacing the existing roof with a fully insulated glass or tile roof. KLG Rutland offers a conservatory roof upgrade service, installing innovative tiled roofs with optimal insulation. Not only will this help to keep your conservatory warm, but these roofs also look great!

2. Prevent draughts

Draught proofing your conservatory windows and doors is an important step to keeping your conservatory warm. You could try doing this yourself using compression seals, weatherstripping, or window film, but you’ll probably get the best looking and most effective finish by contacting a professional.

3. Change the conservatory flooring

Whilst you won’t lose much heat through your conservatory floor, there are certain changes that will make the room feel warmer and more comfortable. A rug can help to make the floor feel less hard and cold underneath your feet – if you’ve already got underfloor heating, it’s important to avoid getting a rug that’s too thick.

4. Add double (or triple) glazing

KLG Rutland conservatories come with the option of enhanced thermal efficiency windows, but older models can be upgraded to keep them warm by adding in double or triple glazed windows. Windows make up a large proportion of a conservatory’s external surface area, so installing insulated windows makes a huge difference in winter.

5. Underfloor heating

If you’re yet to build your conservatory, KLG Rutland customers purchasing a full conservatory build can benefit from excellent deals on underfloor heating systems. Underfloor heating will keep your conservatory at a comfortable temperature all year round and make the floor more comfortable to walk on.

6. Additional heating

For existing conservatories that aren’t connected to the central heating system, electric radiators are an excellent way to keep temperatures up. They’re relatively easy to install and will heat up the room efficiently. Given the wide range of designs now available, electric radiators can be an attractive addition to your conservatory, too. 

Can you use a conservatory all year round?

Yes! With the right heating, insulation, glazing, and draught-proofing, your conservatory should be warm enough to use even in the coldest winter months. You shouldn’t even need to leave the heating on in your conservatory for too long. With the right combination of an efficient heating system and thermal insulation, conservatories can be heated to a comfortable temperature just for whilst you are in the room.