At KLG Rutland, we always take hygiene and safety matters with the utmost seriousness. When it comes to working in customers’ homes, the protection of our customers and staff is our top priority. In light of the recent situation with COVID-19, however, we’re stepping up our efforts to ensure that high standards of hygiene are upheld and all work is carried out safely during this difficult time.

For a quick, downloadable summary of the precautions we’re putting in place, take a look at our overview. Or, for more information, keep reading.

Increased Hygiene Measures

In response to recent events, we have brought in increased hygiene measures to ensure that our customers and staff are protected, particularly during any work that is carried out in homes over the next few months. We hope that the new hygiene policies below will reassure all of you that KLG Rutland is more than capable of carrying out regular home improvement work in a safe and hygienic manner throughout this period.

1. Keeping Our Hands Clean

Whilst our staff are always careful with washing their hands when working in homes under normal conditions, additional effort will be made to ensure that hands are clean during home visits over the next few months. All KLG Rutland staff members will follow NHS guidance on hand-washing techniques and do as much as they can to prevent germs from spreading.

2. Wearing Gloves During Installation

Related to hand washing, all staff members have been instructed to wear gloves during any installation work that takes place in customers’ homes. By keeping hands clean and covered over, we intend to eliminate germ transmission as far as possible.

3. Keeping Our Distance

We will follow the most recent government advice on social distancing and working in homes we’re installing our windows, doors and conservatories, which means that we will do everything we can to protect our staff and you while we work.

4. Bringing Our Own Food and Drink

All staff have been instructed to bring their own items of food and drink if required whilst visiting customers’ homes. Please don’t feel like you need to offer cups of tea or anything else to our staff members; they will be bringing their own to ensure that hygiene standards are upheld.

5. Using Toilets Away From Homes Where Possible

For hygiene reasons, we will endeavour to avoid using toilets in customers’ homes whilst the COVID-19 situation is still going on.

6. Minimising the Time in Your Home

Finally, over the coming months, we will attempt to complete any on-site work that is carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible to minimise the time we spend in your home.

Cleanliness Packs

When carrying out installation work on-the-go it can be very difficult to ensure that washing facilities can be accessed at all times. For this reason, we have provided all of our staff members with cleanliness packs containing bottled water, paper towels, and either hand wash, soap, or alcohol gel.

Hopefully this policy has reassured you that, despite the current situation, KLG Rutland can carry out home installation work in a safe and hygienic manner. We will do our utmost to protect all customers and staff members throughout this period. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

For a quick reminder of everything mentioned in this article, read our helpful summary sheet.