We’ve installed a new solar power system on the roof of our Beeston factory and showroom. It is the latest effort in KLG Rutand’s drive to become as sustainable as possible. By installing these new solar panels, we aim to offset some of our carbon footprint and reduce the amount of non-renewable energy that we use.

KLG Rutland’s new solar power system

Installed by industry experts, Custom Solar, the new solar panels should contribute over 85% of the company’s annual electricity consumption (although this may vary as the weather changes seasonally). As well as helping us to cut down on the amount of non-renewable energy that we use, the new system will reduce our annual carbon dioxide emission by 13,100kg. 

It’s pretty high-tech, too, with a three phase inverter that means it’ll produce as much energy as other solar power systems without needing to be as large. For those interested in the technical specifications, the new 29.96kW solar power system consists of 107 photovoltaic (PV) polycrystalline panels and will produce 24,717 kWh of electricity each year.

The design layout for KLG Rutland’s new solar panel system

Environmental credentials

This is the most recent move in our campaign to limit our environmental impact where we can. In addition to using more renewable energy sources, we are also committed to recycling as much as possible to reduce the waste of precious resources.

We currently recycle 90% of our manufacturing waste. Many of the products that we stock are also recyclable – our uPVC window frames, for example, are 100% recyclable. In addition to this, over 70% of our construction and office waste is recycled every year.