The show aired on Tuesday 10th October but is now available online.

KLG Rutland was recently featured on the second series of ITV’s Love Your Home & Garden. We donated a state-of-the-art conservatory for the first episode of the new series, which saw Alan Titchmarsh and team working on the home and garden of Mansfield’s mother and son Benita and Josh.

Benita and Josh’s home as work began.

15-year-old Josh is wheelchair-bound and suffers from multiple disabilities. The goal of Alan and his team was to open up Benita and Josh’s home and garden to make them more accessible. By redesigning the outdoor space and installing an accessible, state of the art conservatory that would open up the kitchen at the back of the house, Benita and Josh could enjoy more freedom around the whole property.

KLG Rutland became involved with the project thanks to the show’s commitment to working with local suppliers. Our focus on high quality, spacious conservatories for homes in the Nottingham and Derby area made us a good fit for the project’s requirements.

The new conservatory under construction.

To create the perfect home for Benita and Josh, they chose a Nottingham-made conservatory that would provide easy access to the garden at the same time as housing a larger kitchen. Its light and views out to the garden were a crucial part of Alan’s plan for that whole part of the house.

We were thrilled to be involved with the project. The donation of the conservatory allowed us to showcase the versatility of our state of the art range. One of our hallmarks is a commitment to using the best materials and modern manufacturing techniques to create bespoke conservatories that look stunning and suit the home they’re in perfectly.

It’s essential that, when someone installs a new conservatory, it’s able to meet their needs. Whether you have specific practical requirements like Benita and Josh, or whether your requirements are purely aesthetic, your conservatory’s design and build should adapt to them.

As Alan Titchmarsh points out in the show, extensions like our conservatories are a popular modern way of creating a light-filled room into a space that can be used all year round. For Benita and Josh, we gave the conservatory a Victorian feel, with dark window frames and a tiled floor, that linked it aesthetically to the rest of the project. Other people in other homes may prefer different aesthetics, which can also be accommodated.

Alan Titchmarsh, pictured by the newly constructed conservatory

If ease of access is as important for you as it was for Benita and Josh, we’ll need to consider how the conservatory connects to the rest of the house and garden. In this family’s case, the most important function of the conservatory was to open up the available kitchen space. In other situations, we could also look at how to provide direct access from the garden to the conservatory.

It was a real pleasure for us to be involved in a project that made a noticeable difference in the lives of a local family. Anyone who watches the show will surely agree that the transformation to their home and garden was absolutely stunning, with incredible work done throughout the property by Alan’s team.

Inside the new kitchen/conservatory

If you missed the show and want to catch up, it’s available to watch now on ITV Player. If you’re interested in a similar conservatory to the one we installed for Benita and Josh, take a look at our uPVC lean-to conservatories or get in touch.