Patio_17Conservatories are a great addition to any home. Not only do they provide an extra reception room to the house, they also let us enjoy the hard work we’ve put into our gardens whatever the vagaries of our unpredictable British weather!
They come in all shapes, sizes and materials and, although we’re always delighted to advise on design, only you know exactly which style of conservatory will be right for your home.

So at KLG Rutland we don’t produce standard sizes or designs – rather an exciting selection of possibilities and options. By working this way, we enable you to get creative and have a conservatory crafted to your own specifications… at a very reasonable cost. The combination of your ideas and our experience will produce exactly the conservatory you have in mind, no matter how complex the desired shape, size and style.
But we don’t stop there, as even the best things in life can be improved upon. That’s why we’re constantly striving to find and develop ever more sophisticated materials.
One of our more recent innovations has been a huge leap forward in conservatory roofing. The modern polycarbonate and glass roofs we use today represent a big improvement over older materials and they are, now, truly excellent. But – if you want the ultimate in style and practicality – you need look no further than our superb Archerlite roofing system.

Archerlite lightweight tiled roofing is, quite simply, revolutionary. You can specify it for your brand new conservatory but – brilliantly – you can take advantage of its massive benefits by getting it ‘retrofitted’ to your existing one. And boy, does it make a difference!
For a start, it minimises temperature variations, meaning that you’ll never find it freezing cold in the depths of winter or sweltering under hot summer sun. And Archerlite roofing is appreciably quieter when heavy rain decides to spoil the outdoor fun.



The system – with a u-value of only 0.8 – also brings big energy savings, so you’ll be shrinking your bills and your carbon footprint. Archerlite gives you great sound insulation, too. We guarantee your tiles for 25 years but fully expect them to last 40. And – here’s another clincher – since building regs changed in 2010, you don’t need any special planning permission to fit an Archerlite roofing system.

If you’re into the research facts and figures, we can show you them all – from around the world, not just in the UK – for complete reassurance that everything’s been tried, tested and passed with flying colours.

So many conservatory choices it’s hard to know where to begin… or is it? What could be easier than talking to us?
If you’d like more information, or to find out out how KLG Rutland could help with your plans, please don’t hesitate to contact Terry Hill for a chat on 01159 221155. Or email