Upgrading or replacing your home’s windows is one of the most important parts of any home renovation project. Whilst you might get caught up in searching for the most energy-efficient windows, you mustn’t discard the value of your home’s curb appeal. 

Whether you want your windows to stand out from the rest of your home’s exterior aesthetics, or you want your windows to blend seamlessly with trailing nature around your home, finding the right balance between your windows and the rest of your home can be tricky.

We look at the upcoming trends for colour windows in 2023 to inspire your new home renovation project and help you find the perfect addition to your home beyond performance and durability.

Softs, Pastels and Neutrals

Bold colour palettes are phasing out as interior design continues to sway towards the neutral end of the colour spectrum. Implement neutral tones for your window frame to complement a softer, rural feel to your home’s aesthetic. Mushroom creams, a neutral white, and creamier tones are a beautiful alternative to modern windows and are becoming staple design trends this year. A warm yellow, soft pink, or increasingly popular sage green is another alternative that blends with lighter, more rural-inspired brickwork buildings.

Natural Tones and Earthy Colours

In 2023 we’re moving beyond plain and basic white window frames as colour trends are heading towards more earthy tones. Natural greens and natural wood are inspiring exterior aesthetics to break from city modernity and embrace earthy neutral colour.

Think of deep greens, complemented by the colours of surrounding trees and shrubbery, warm orange and brown hues that blend seamlessly with the outdoors without simultaneously conflicting with your home’s brickwork.

For homes with exuberant gardens and exterior decor, earthy tones can be a welcome addition to existing windows. 

Grey of the century

Grey has been one of the most implemented colours of modern trends. Sleek interior styles, with cutting edges and bold contrasts have evolved to adopt grey into their design. It is no surprise to see that grey windows are becoming more popular in modern homes. 

From cold greys to deep anthracite greys, any shade of grey can be used to complement a modern aesthetic. If the natural feel doesn’t suit your home, grey windows can provide that deep and clean aesthetic that is missing from more traditional windows.

Dark, deep tones

Rich colours take centre stage in more recent exterior decor styles. Deep blues, rich browns and even black window frames adorn the most stylish of homes. Many other bold colours can complement bold-coloured doors also, with many different shades and designs available on the modern market.

Take your decor style to the next level by creating a solid boundary between your interior and exterior spaces. Implement a softer, lighter approach to the interior of your home and have your windows frame your stylish rooms indoors.

Neutral and Natural take the lead

Above all else, neutral and natural colours are taking the reins for 2023. As modern design styles take another step further from urban influence, even window styles are evolving to break from city traditions.

Think rural setups, traditional cottages and cosy villages when renovating your home. For even more impact, try blending your interior design styles to complement your new exterior windows.

Don’t forget efficiency

Above all else, when you are looking at renovating any home, efficiency and sustainability should be considered. With many modern manufacturing techniques and the cost of living continuing to rise, investing in windows that are going to keep your heating energy bills down may be the right choice.

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