Whether you have ordered your new conservatory or are just beginning the shopping journey, chances are you’re already thinking of what to do with your extended living space.

How can I make my conservatory look nice?

As with any space, making it your own depends heavily on personal taste. A conservatory is generally thought of as an extension of your home, so that could be a great way to start. However, if you’re thinking of going completely rogue, the world is pretty much your oyster. Below are some ideas we’ve collected over the years when helping our customers design the best conservatory for them.

How can I make my conservatory more homey?

Whether you’re thinking of investing in a conservatory to act as an additional living space, an indoor garden to be enjoyed whatever the weather, to create a larger kitchen or dining area, as a home office, yoga space or a cosy reading nook, here are some conservatory interior ideas to consider:

1) What colour looks good in a conservatory?

Small living room conservatory

When selecting a colour scheme for your conservatory, you should always be guided by the size of the space you have. Even with all of the natural light that will flood in throughout the day, a small conservatory will look much smaller if you opt for dark colours.

Light colour schemes like soft greys or even a pale yellow will be your friend and will show your space off in its best light – you can always add pops of vivid colour with your accessories which we talk about a little later on.

However, if you have a fair bit of space to play with in your garden room, you might want to consider striking bold colours, whether as a feature wall (which will look fantastic if your conservatory is a rectangular shape) or to highlight door frames and window frames, why not try a daring yellow or bold blue?

2) What light is best for a conservatory?

Sure, lighting won’t be a problem during the day, but as the sun sets and days become shorter, a little extra light goes a long way – particularly if you’re working from this room or enjoying a good book.

Green living wall with wall lights on either side

If you’ve opted for a feature wall or a particularly dark colour pallet, wall lights are a fantastic idea. Wall lights are a great way to create ambience, especially if you opt for dimmer switches.

If you’ve got a modern sense of style, black floor lamps are an excellent feature that will enhance your space. Plus you can move them around as you like – providing great flexibility.

Another option is table lamps, which are a great choice if you’re using your garden room as an office or dining room. Table lamps come in modern, traditional and even quirky styles, so you can always find something to suit your taste.

3) Enjoying your privacy at night

While conservatories are used a lot more during the day in hot summer months, there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying the space at night. If you live in a built-up area or just want a little extra privacy, you can invest in blinds or curtains.

Conservatory with curtain-style blinds open

You can select conservatory blinds in a light colour if you want to keep the space feeling light at night. Pale and neutral colours will blend into your glass frames, helping the space feel brighter. Or opt for blinds that are drawn similarly to curtains to enjoy direct sunlight during the day.

Alternatively, a dark curtain will make a bold statement for those who are brave enough.

4) Can you install a wood burner in a conservatory?

conservatory with brick wall and log burner

If you’re looking to create that homey feeling, nothing will accomplish that more than a log burner. Imagine sitting in your conservatory looking out into your garden or up at the stars with crackling warmth coming from the fireplace. Specific types of wood will add a lovely aroma too. Our top recommendations are birch and apple wood.

Of course, you need to make sure that your region, town or village allows for log burner installation and that it is compatible with the conservatory you choose. But if all of that checks out, a log burner can be an incredible addition to your space.

5) Can you put normal furniture in a conservatory?

conservatory with wicker furniture

When searching for inspiration, you’ve probably seen a lot of wood or rattan furniture. This is because these materials are more fade-resistant. The downside of having so much natural light is that it can bleach your furnishing.

Soft furnishings that are more susceptible to fading are silk and cotton. If you have already brought covers or similar in these materials such as cushions or wall rugs, be sure to turn them over every now and then to give them a break from the sunlight and extend their lives.

If you aren’t a fan of more traditional wooden furniture, you can always paint them in your desired colour to give them a new lease of life.

6) Speaking of furniture

The seating you invest in to relax in your conservatory will depend on the size of your space and how you plan to use it. Larger spaces that are used as an additional living area, for example, are perfect for a sofa or two. Whereas if you are working with a smaller room, collapsable or modular seating may work better for you. If you like the upholstered look and feel of a sofa, then an armchair or a snuggle chair could also work beautifully.

7) What sort of flooring is best for a conservatory?

conservatory dining room with log burner

Arguably, wooden, laminate or tiled flooring are the best options for a conservatory, as it is the ‘hallway’ to the garden. These flooring types are robust and make it much easier to clean muddy footprints (or pawprints) away.

Laminate flooring won’t fade in the sun either, making it last longer. Likewise, stone or porcelain tiles won’t fade under the sun’s rays. They will, however, soak up the heat from the sun and be warm to walk on.

If you would rather have the cosy feeling of carpet, you can get the best of both worlds by choosing a rug.

8) Don’t forget the finishing touches

Whether you’re a minimalist or like to be surrounded by your favourite things, here are some ways to add finishing flourishes to your conservatory to help it truly feel like home.


You could turn your ‘garden room’ into an actual garden room. Whether you like strong, leafy plants, options that bloom, or even small vegetable or citrus plants, flowers are a great way to connect your conservatory to your outside space.

If your thumbs aren’t so green, a lower-effort option is to buy dried flowers which will last much longer.

A flower wreath hung on the door leading into the conservatory is also a nice little touch that will go a long way.


This may feel like an odd one, but adding a mirror or two to your conservatory will make it feel even bigger and more homey. Strategically placed, they also reflect the outdoors, making for an even more open-plan space.

Stained glass

conservatory with stained glass

If you haven’t bought your conservatory yet, opting for one with stained glass is a lovely homage to the past while also adding a little extra razzle dazzle to your space.


Finally, the best way to make your new conservatory really feel like home is to look at personalised decor. From one-of-a-kind artwork to personalised gifts, the likes of Etsy and Not On The Highstreet are awash with accessories that can bring your space to light.

If you’re ready to buy a new conservatory, we’d love to show you our range. We have options to suit every taste and style. From lean-to to Edwardian, we’ve got something for everyone.

If you haven’t yet decided on what you want, why not pop into our showrooms for inspiration or advice from our friendly team?